Table 1.

Facility characteristics by size (n=4633)

Facility CharacteristicsNumber of Stations in the Facility
Number of facilities, n1803 (38.9%)2562 (55.3%)268 (5.8%)
For profit (%)89.191.385.4
Chain ownership (%)
 Other chains11.313.39.7
 No chain affiliation18.715.318.3
Median full-time RNs + LPNs per 100 patients7.46.25.5
Facility zip code SES, mean ± SD
 Median annual household income ($1000)41.1±14.940.4±14.535.6±13.0
 Percentage of persons in poverty12.5±8.014.5±9.218.2±9.4
 Percentage of black population12.8±19.219.9±23.830.4±27.7
 Percentage of persons with high school education79.7±10.378.0±11.974.8±12.4
Urban (%)59.784.989.6
Census region (%)
  • RN, Registered Nurse; LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse; DCI, Dialysis Clinic, Inc.