Table 3.

Comparison of baseline variables in cases with qualifying longitudinal APWV measurements over 30 months (n=93)

VariableaΔAPWV<20% from Baselineb (n=62)ΔAPWV≥20% from Baselineb (n=31)P Value
Age (yr)66.9±11.974.2±11.40.02
eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)35.3±10.530.3±10.70.04
MAP (mmHg)101±10109±130.003
APWV (m/s)12.1±2.412.6±2.60.05
Phosphate (mmol/L)1.02±0.191.11±0.190.04
Pyrophosphate (μmol/L)3.24±0.612.92±0.600.02
CTx (μg/L)0.44 (0.31–0.60)0.51 (0.37–0.72)0.02
hsCRP (mg/L)1.90 (0.78–4.04)2.99 (1.25–6.87)0.009
CPP Fet-A (mg/L)23±1629±150.09
T50 (min)352±106292±740.007
  • Data are mean±SD or median (25th to 75th percentile).

  • a All variables with P<0.10.

  • b APWV slope expressed as percent change from baseline; ≥20% increase from baseline value at 30 months was considered significant progression in aortic stiffness.