Table 3.

Dialytic compared with native kidney clearances

SoluteDialytic Clearance (ml/min)Native Kidney Clearance (ml/min per 1.73 m2)Dialytic/Native
Indoxyl Sulfate32±6a,b,d,e,f583±94a,b,c,d,e,f58±18d,e,f2776±1190b,c,d,e0.550.21
p-Cresol Sulfate23±5b,d,e,f,g517±68a,b,c,d,e,f23±8b,d,e,f,g1319±597b,c,d,f,g0.980.39
  • Values are mean±SD for eight hemodialysis patients and nine subjects with normal renal function. Values for native clearances are expressed per 1.73 m2. Dialytic clearance values are unadjusted, because local practice is generally to not adjust blood flow, dialysate flow, and dialyzer size in proportion to a patient's body size. Free clearances for the bound solutes were compared with total clearance of urea and creatinine.

  • a P<0.05, dialytic versus native kidney clearance.

  • b P<0.05, clearances different from urea.

  • c P<0.05, clearances expressed in terms of free solute concentration compared with total solute concentration.

  • d P<0.05, clearances different from creatinine.

  • e P<0.05, clearances different from phenylacetylglutamine.

  • f P<0.05, clearances different from hippurate.

  • g P<0.05, clearances different from indoxyl sulfate.