Table 4.

Observed and predicted ratios of predialysis solute concentrations in hemodialysis patients relative to normal subjects

Hemodialysis/Normal ObservedHemodialysis/Normal Predicted
Indoxyl Sulfate3011639113
p-Cresol Sulfate13412158
  • Observed ratios were obtained from measured solutes levels in 25 hemodialysis patients and 16 subjects with normal renal function, and they are repeated from Table 1. Predicted values for a patient treated three times weekly for 3.2 hours were obtained using the average values for clearance and reduction ratio summarized in Tables 2 and 3. Values were predicted assuming that solute production is the same in hemodialysis patients and normal subjects, that dialysis patients have no residual function and there is no extrarenal solute clearance, and that dialysis clears solute from a single compartment.