Table 2.

APOL1 risk allele genotype and allele frequency in CKD and control groups

VariableGenotype, n (%)Allele Frequency
0 Risk Alleles1 Risk Allele2 Risk AllelesG0aG1G2
eGFR<60 cohort
 Cases (n=44b)10 (23)27 (61)7 (16)0.530.310.16
 Controls (n=91b)40 (44)46 (50)5 (6)0.690.190.12
Nephrotic proteinuria cohort
 Cases (n=39b)16 (41)20 (51)3 (8)0.670.180.15
 Controls (n=88)43 (49)34 (39)11 (12)0.680.220.10
  • a G0 is the common allele not associated with CKD and corresponds to reference sequence NP_003652 (G1 refers to two nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms rs73885319 and rs60910145, and G2 refers to a six base pair in-frame deletion rs71785313).

  • b Numbers are different from those in Table 1 because genotyping was not possible in eight participants; see Concise Methods.