Table 1.

Pharmacokinetic parameters of adefovir in Nherf3+/+ and Nherf3−/− mice

ParameterNherf3+/+ (n=5)Nherf3−/− (n=5)P Value
ke (1/h)1.70±0.241.37±0.120.13
t1/2 (h)0.44±0.050.52±0.040.09
AUCinf (h⋅μg/ml)64.62±8.3784.66±12.720.03a
Vd (ml)12.46±0.6711.58±0.930.19
Cl (ml/h)20.81±2.7515.95±1.840.02a
  • Data are mean±SEM. ke, elimination rate constant; t1/2, apparent terminal half-life; AUCinf, area under the concentration time curve with the last concentration extrapolated based on the elimination rate constant; Vd, volume of distribution; Cl, clearance.

  • a P<0.05.