Table 1.

Clinical summary

VariableControl (n=18)Treated (n=6)P Value
Pretreatment B cell counts (cells/μl)1066.4±637.81353.0±1057.90.55
B cell counts in peri-transplant period (cells/μl)0.67±1.300.03±0.080.06
Anti–non-Gal antibody levels before transplant (MFI)
Onset of proteinuria after transplant (d)
 2+ proteinuriaa1.39±0.61>12.50±5.540.004
 3+ proteinuriab8.25±5.6919.75±10.870.12
  • Control animals did not receive rituximab in peri-transplant period. Treated animals received rituximab in peri-transplant period to prevent post-transplant proteinuria. The data are shown as mean±SD. MFI, mean fluorescence intensity by FACS

  • a Estimated protein concentration is 100 mg/dl.

  • b Estimated protein concentration is 500 mg/dl.