Table 2.

Continuous NRI for peak urinary biomarkers patients with and without AKI

BiomarkerPatients with AKIPatients without AKI
DeathNo DeathOverallDeathNo DeathOverall
Urine NGAL0.220.220.44−
Urine IL-180.370.070.440.36−0.100.26
Urine KIM-
Urine L-FABP0.590.280.300.18−0.130.05
Urine albumin0.460.260.2−0.230.350.13
  • Data are presented as continuous NRI values. Clinical model comprised of age (per year), sex, white race, cardiopulmonary bypass time>120 minutes, nonelective surgery, diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, preoperative estimated GFR, preoperative urine albumin to creatinine ratio, type of surgery (CABG or valve versus all others), and clinical site.