Table 2.

Top loci with P values up to 1E-7 associated with uromodulin indexed to creatinine in the overall population

SNP IDChrRA NRAEffect SizeP ValueaSEMaP ValueaRAF Nearest GenebImputation QualityceGFR Cr Direction Relative to RAeGFR Cr P Value R2 to Top SNP rs12917707
rs1291770716TG−0.327.85E-730.027.85E-730.18UMOD0.94+1.20E-20Same SNP
  • Genes nearby were based on RefSeq genes (build 36). Chr, chromosome; RA, reference allele; NRA, nonreference allele; RAF, reference allele frequency; Cr, creatinine; NA, not available.

  • a P value from inverse-variance meta-analysis, corrected for genomic control. Sample size weighted meta-analysis yielded similar results.

  • b The gene closest to the SNP is listed first and is marked bold if the SNP is located within the gene.

  • c Median imputation quality across participating studies.