Table 4.

Joint conditional analysis for loci associated with urinary uromodulin indexed to creatinine in the overall population

ChrSNPRARAFMeta-AnalysisaSample Size (n)GAFJoint AnalysisR2 to Top SNP rs12917707Variance (%)beGFR Cr P Value in CKDGen
Effect SizeSEMP ValueEffectSEMP Value
  • Joint analysis of the meta-analysis results for unindexed urinary uromodulin did not yield any additional signal beyond the lead SNP rs12917707. Chr, chromosome; RA, reference allele; RAF, reference allele frequency; GAF, genotype allele frequency; Cr, creatinine.

  • a Values from the inverse-variance meta-analysis.

  • b Linear model using phenotype and genotype data from the CoLaus cohort.