Table 4.

Comparison of allocation concepts for current and new allocation policy

SCD allocation (defined as KDPI‚ȧ0.85 for new policy)XX
DCD allocationX
ECD allocation (defined as KDPI>0.85 for new policy)XX
Payback systemX
Waiting time since listingX
Waiting time from dialysis initiationX
Waiting time points based on fractional yearsX
A2/A2B blood type donor to B candidates priority (local, regional, national)X
Highest scoring CPRA classificationX
Pediatric candidates cannot receive non-0 mm ECD offersX
Longevity matching (top 20th percentile survivors first offered kidneys with KDPI<0.20)X
Share KDPI<0.35 kidneys pediatric priority (donor age<35 yr for current policy)XX
Priority points for CPRA>19%X
Priority points for CPRA>79%X
National priority sharing for CPRA 100%, regional priority sharing for CPRA 99%, local priority for CPRA 98% candidatesX
Regional sharing for marginal kidneys (KDPI>0.85)X
Kidney pancreas/pancreas alone allocation policy: current (1)X
Kidney pancreas/pancreas alone allocation policy: future (1)X
  • SCD, standard criteria donor; DCD, donation after circulatory death; ECD, expanded criteria donor.