Table 2.

Grants and publications obtained by KDSAP members

GrantsPresentationsaManuscripts (in Preparation)Interview
(1) Arnold Gold Foundation (2009)National conferences(1) Peer review articles(1) Nephrology Timesb
(2) Schweitzer Fellowship (two in 2009)(1) National Kidney Foundation: 2009, one poster presentation(2) Invited review articles
(3) Office of Enrichment Programs, Harvard Medical School (two in 2010)(2) ASN: 2010, one oral presentation; 2011, one oral presentation; 2012, two poster presentations; 2013, one poster presentation(3) KDSAP handbook
(4) The Next 36, Leadership Program, Canada (2011)Academic institutions
(5) ASN student scholarship (2009 and 2012)(1) Grand Rounds, Renal Division, Brown University, February 2012
(6) Minimal Viable Product Grant, Harvard Business School (2012)(2) Training program, Kidney Mentoring and Assessment Program for Students, ASN, October 2013
(7) National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (2012)