Table 4.

Adjusted change in slope of the eGFR level at dialysis initiation among incident dialysis patient populations post-eGFR reported in age and sex subgroups

Age (yr)SexPoint EstimateP Value
Total cohortTotal cohortβ=0.01; SEM=0.0190.64
<60Womenβ=−0.02; SEM=0.020.33
<60Menβ=0.01; SEM=0.020.34
60–73Womenβ=−0.01; SEM=0.020.57
60–73Menβ=−0.01; SEM=0.020.58
>73Womenβ=0.01; SEM=0.020.53
>73Menβ=−0.01; SEM=0.020.48
  • β-Value for post-eGFR reporting×time (90 days) in each age and sex strata interaction term in a multilevel linear regression adjusted for calendar year, post-eGFR reporting in age and sex strata, case mix (age, sex, body mass index, race, comorbidities, laboratory values, distance from center, and modality), and facility-level variables (percent AVF, transplant facility, peritoneal dialysis facility, and center size).