Table 4.

Associations between provision of information about KT and listing for transplantation

AssociationListing among Participants Informed According to the Provider
Provider-reported KTPI1.37 (0.70 to 2.65)1.18 (0.60 to 2.32)
Patient-reported KTPI3.94 (2.08 to 7.43)2.95 (1.54 to 5.66)3.02 (1.57 to 5.78)
  • Data are presented as the HR (95% CI). HRs were estimated using Cox proportional hazards models.

  • a Adjusted for age, sex, race, number of comorbidities, BMI, and current smoking.

  • b Parsimonious model derived using Akaike information criteria from the adjusted model. Adjusted for age, race, BMI, and smoking status.