Table 2.

Hydrodynamic parameters determined for N-C8 and N-C3 at a pH of 7.4 and a pH of 6.2

VariableTheoretical Mass (D)Mass MALLS (D)aSedimentation Coefficient (S20,W)Frictional Ratio (f/f0)bHydrodynamic Radius (nm)c
N-C3 (pH 7.4)79,46188,8205.29±0.091.383.81±0.23
N-C3 (pH 6.2)79,461ND5.35±0.101.39ND
N-C8 (pH 7.4)164,308188,8008.08±0.211.516.25±0.19
N-C8 (pH 6.2)164,308ND9.23±0.251.32ND
  • Density, 1.0045 g/ml. Viscosity, 0.01017 poise .Vbar, 0.726 for N-C3 and 0.727 for N-C8. ND, not determined.

  • a Calculated with a dn/dc of 0.18 ml/g.

  • b f/f0 from mass derived from MALLS, multi angle light scattering.

  • c Hydrodynamic radius from quasi-elastic light scattering.