Table 1.

Summary of patient sample anti-PLA2R autoantibody screen using full-length PLA2R and PLA2R 1–3 construct containing the CysR-FnII-CTLD1 domain

Sample NumberFull-Length PLA2RPLA2R 1–3 ConstructTreatment
IMN 01++++++No
IMN 02++++++No
IMN 03+++++No
IMN 04++++++No
IMN 05No
IMN 06++Yes
IMN 07Yes
IMN 08No
IMN 09±Yes
IMN 10No
IMN 11++Yes
IMN 12No
IMN 13Yes
IMN 14Yes
IMN 15Yes
IMN 16Yes
IMN 17±Yes
IMN 18Yes
IMN 19+++++No
IMN 20++++No
IMN 21++++++No
IMN 22Yes
IMN 23++++++No
IMN 24Yes
IMN 25Yes
IMN 26++++++No
IMN 27Yes
IMN 28Yes
IMN 29Yes
IMN 30Yes
IMN 31Yes
IMN 32Yes
IMN 33Yes
IMN 34++Yes
IMN 35Yes
IMN 36Yes
IMN 37Yes
IMN 38Yes
IMN 39Yes
IMN 40Yes
IMN 41Yes
IMN 42Yes
IMN 43Yes
IMN 44Yes
IMN 45Yes
IMN 46Yes
IMN 47Yes
IMN 48Yes
IMN 49Yes
IMN 50Yes
IMN 51Yes
IMN 52Yes
IMN 53Yes
IMN 54Yes
IMN 55Yes
IMN 56Yes
IMN 57Yes
IMN 58Yes
IMN 59Yes
IMN 60Yes
IMN 61Yes
IMN 62++++++No
IMN 63Yes
IMN 64++Yes
IMN 65Yes
IMN 66Yes
IMN 67Yes
IMN 68Yes
IMN 69Yes
IMN 70++Yes
IMN 71Yes
IMN 72Yes
IMN 73Yes
IMN 74Yes
  • The anti-PLA2R autoantibody level in patient sera was screened using the Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus (Bio-Rad). Each sample was tested at least three times: −, background level; ±, undetermined; +, detected; ++, moderately detected; +++, strongly detected. The patient status at the time when the serum sample was collected is also indicated: no, pretreatment; yes, on treatment/post-treatment.