Table 2.

Anemia measurements by race across several time points

OutcomeAugust 2010 (n=3753)January 2011 (n=4101)June 2011 (n=4330)December 2011 (n=4263)P Value for Change in Difference by Race from August 2010 to December 2011
Hgb (g/dl)11.511.511.411.311.411.411.011.10.43
Patients with Hgb<9 g/dl (%)
Patients with Hgb<10 g/dl (%)
Patients with Hgb>12 g/dl (%)27.429.924.523.923.626.616.220.90.43
Patients with ESA use (%)86.984.979.578.379.879.475.976.20.75
Prescribed IV EPO dose (U/wk)19,73722,104b18,71720,67617,48019,30714,30715,5680.83
Patients with prescribed IV EPO dose ≥30,000 U/wk (%)20.423.318.521.414.719.6a12.412.30.21
Delivered IV EPO dose (U/wk)c 19,91621,39716,23418,252b16,73517,79113,23314,3040.70
Patients with IV iron use (%)55.556.162.562.570.471.960.768.3a0.04
Prescribed IV iron dose (mg/mo)352312b3943613673573513250.76
Delivered IV iron dose (mg/mo)d 336309349325394342b3543330.59
Ferritin (ng/ml)5976396476906446727597870.97
Patients with ferritin ≥800 ng/ml (%)24.429.731.334.630.730.641.043.10.61
Patients with ferritin ≥1200 ng/ml (%)
TSAT (%)30.331.330.531.130.831.331.631.80.88
Patients with TSAT ≥50% (%)
  • TSAT, transferrin saturation.

  • a Time point difference in black and nonblack: 0.01<P≤0.05.

  • b Time point difference in black and nonblack: 0.05<P≤0.1.

  • c Based on LDOs and a subset of non-LDOs.

  • d Based on a subset of facilities for which data were available.