Table 3.

Mineral metabolism measurements by race across several time points

OutcomeAugust 2010
(n=3753)January 2011
(n=4101)December 2011
(n=4263)P Value for Change in Difference by Race (Black/Nonblack) from August 2010 to December 2011
PTH (pg/ml)305417a358501a388522a0.31
Patients with PTH >600 pg/ml (%)8.817.0a13.423.9a15.125.4a0.55
Patients with IV vitamin D use (%)69.483.0a66.784.2a70.784.5a0.20
Prescribed vitamin D dose (μg/wk)11.718.7a13.421.3a15.322.7a0.59
Delivered vitamin D dose (μg/wk)b11.218.2a13.022.3a16.124.1a0.10
Patients with cinacalcet use (%)18.429.1a17.831.4a18.330.2a0.44
Patients with phosphate binder use (%)77.379.174.578.976.882.00.54
  • a Time point difference in black and nonblack: 0<P≤0.01.

  • b Based on a subset of facilities for which data were available.