Table 2.

Clinical findings of discordant patients

SubjectAge (yr)Disease StatusMutationMRI Cyst CountUS Cyst CountMaximal Cyst Size (mm)
Right KidneyLeft KidneyRight KidneyLeft Kidney
TOR190.1a25AffectedPKD1: p.A2752D1518006 on MRI
TOR31.2b30UnaffectedPKD2: IVS5+1G>A646010 on MRI
TOR404.1c40UnaffectedPKD1: p.P3551fs111x11216 on MRI
TOR208.5c36UnaffectedPKD2: p.V569fs3x00305 on US
  • a False negative case by US with a high body mass index of 35.6 kg/m2.

  • b False positive by USd and equivocal by MRI.

  • c False positive by US.d

  • d According to the unified US criteria of a total of three of more renal cysts.