Table 1.

Characteristics of Biobank study population

CharacteristicsSelf-Reported Ancestral/Ethnic Group
N (total=9048)318917214138
Age (yr), mean (SEM)52.7 (0.26)68.1 (0.22)a55.0 (0.25)a
Women (%)64.847.8a63.0
Diabetes (%)30.116.1b32.4
Hemoglobin A1c (%), meanc6.375.89a6.44
BMI (kg/m2), mean (SEM)c30.8 (0.14)27.2 (0.13)b29.7 (0.10)b
SBP (mmHg), mean (SEM)c129.1 (0.25)126.3 (0.34)b126.2 (0.22)b
DBP (mmHg), mean (SEM)c75.9 (0.15)73.8 (0.19)b72.9 (0.12)b
Serum creatinine (mg/dl), meand,e1.020.99a0.92a
Serum creatinine (mg/dl), mean adjustedd,e,f1.020.89a0.92a
eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2) stages (%)
 1: eGFR≥9045.015.137.9
 2: eGFR=60–8939.859.743.9
 3: eGFR=30–5911.422.414.8
 3a: eGFR=45–598.015.210.7
 3b: eGFR=30–443.47.24.1
 4: eGFR characteristics=15–
 5: eGFR<
eGFR, mean (SEM)d85.9 (27.5)70.4 (18.9)80.9 (24.1)
eGFR, mean adjustedd,f (SEM)86.4 (15.6)70.5 (8.2)a81.6 (15.4)a
CKD (%)g15.0 (0.6)16.4 (0.9)15.1 (0.6)
ESRD (%)h3.41.6a2.3a
ESRD adjusted (%)f,h4.61.9a2.9a
Genetic ancestry (%), mean (range)
 African82.0 (0.6–100)2.9 (0–26.2)28.6 (0–100)
 European15.8 (0–96.4)94.5 (68.3–97.3)54.1 (0–96.5)
 Native American2.3 (0–68.3)2.6 (0–28.3)17.3 (0–98.6)
APOL1 risk haplotype frequency (%)
  • a P<0.001 compared with AAs.

  • b P<0.001 compared with AAs with adjustment for age and sex.

  • c Mean of all yearly medians.

  • d Most recent yearly median value.

  • e Exponent of natural log creatinine.

  • f Adjusted for age, sex, average SBP, average DBP, diabetes status, BMI, and smoking.

  • g CKD defined using algorithm as defined in Concise Methods.

  • h ESRD is defined as eGFR<15 ml/min per 1.73 m2 or patient on hemodialysis.