Table 2.

Multivariate analysis of phosphatemia according to log-transformed ACR, stratified by mGFR

VariablemGFR<45 ml/min per 1.73 m2mGFR≥45 ml/min per 1.73 m2
Regression coefficientP ValueRegression coefficientP Value
All patientsn=1092n=646
 Model 00.0325±0.0036<0.0010.0061±0.00380.1
 Model 10.0120±0.00350.0010.0053±0.00350.1
Patients with FGF-23n=285n=112
 Model 00.0317±0.0069<0.001−0.0051±0.00820.5
 Model 10.0180±0.00680.01−0.0058±0.00760.4
 Model 20.0130±0.00590.03−0.0060±0.00750.4
  • Estimated regression coefficient (β±SD, P value). Model 0: crude model. Model 1: adjustments for sex, sub-Saharan origin, diabetes, age, body mass index, mGFR, mean BP, log-1,25(OH)D, ferritin, fractional excretion of phosphate, center, log-PTH, and 24-hour protein intake. Model 2: model 1 plus FGF-23.