Table 3.

Replication and combined analysis with white European ancestry samples

SNPGeneEuropean Ancestry Sample/CATHGENCombined Analysis
Allele 1AF CaseAF ControlP ValueOR (SEM)P ValueI2(%)P Value (het)
rs1129740 (exm536067)HLA-DQA1 (missense C34Y)A0.820.461.418×10−175.442 (0.209)2.144×10−1992.30.003
rs1071630 (exm536069)HLA-DQA1 (missense F41S)G0.820.461.418×10−175.442 (0.209)2.144×10−1992.30.003
  • P (het) refers to the P value for heterogeneity. I2 is a statistic that measures heterogeneity on scale of 0% (no heterogeneity) to 100% (maximum heterogeneity). AF, allele frequency.