Table 1.

Main baseline data in the patients and in the controls (live births, singleton deliveries)

CharacteristicControlsPatientsP Value for Patients versus Controls
TurinCagliariAllP ValueTurinCagliariAllP Value
Pregnancies (n)559277836336168504
Age at pregnancy (yr)28.9±4.832.1±5.729.9±5.3<0.00130.9±5.533.7±5.031.9±5.4<0.001<0.001
Parity (nulliparous)
Education level (>8th grade)60.973.363.80.0166.
  • Data are presented as the mean±SD or percentage, unless otherwise indicated. The prevalence of Italian patients is 73.99% for Turin and 94.56% for Cagliari. According to ISTAT data, median age at delivery is 32.6 years for Italian mothers and 29.3 years for foreign mothers. In Italy, Caucasian mothers make up 92.7% of the cohort; 66.7% of the mothers have an educational level >8th grade. Age at pregnancy is 1 year higher in Sardinia versus the rest of Italy (ISTAT 2008).