Table 5.

Prediction of the composite of AKIN stage 3 and death

BiomarkerAUC±SEMP Value for Biomarker AloneP Value Compared With FST aloneAUC of Biomarker and FST±SEMP Value for Biomarker and FST Compared With FST Alone
FST (2-hr UOP)0.81±0.06<0.0001NANANA
Urine NGAL0.69±0.060.0060.070.82±0.060.89
Urine IL-180.63±±0.060.87
Urine KIM-10.64±±0.060.81
Urine IGFBP-70.65±±0.080.80
Urine TIMP-20.66±±0.080.75
Urine IGFBP-7×TIMP-20.68±±0.080.93
Urine Creatinine0.54±0.070.560.0070.83±0.060.23
Urine ACR0.50±0.070.960.0020.82±0.060.32
Plasma NGAL0.69±±0.080.76
  • NA, not applicable; ACR, albumin-to-creatinine ratio.