Table 3.

Relationship between UO and SC criteria and clinical outcomes

SC Only (KDIGO Stage)UO Only
No AKIStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Total
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
  • Data are presented as the number of patients, percentage of hospital mortality, and percentage of RRT for patients by maximum AKI criteria (UO, SC, or both). Superscript letters denote similar outcome patterns.

  • a Group 1, no AKI by either criterion.

  • b Group 2, stages 1–2 by UO criteria but no AKI by SC or stage 1 by SC and no AKI by UO.

  • c Group 3, stages 1–2 by UO plus stage 1 by SC or stages 2–3 by SC alone.

  • d Group 4, stages 1–2 by UO plus stage 2 by SC or stage 3 by UO alone.

  • e Group 5, stage 3 by UO plus stages 1–2 by SC or stage 3 by SC plus stages 1–2 by UO.

  • f Group 6, stage 3 by both criteria.