Table 4.

Association of urine PIIINP concentrations with risk of ESRD in participants in the CHS

Urine PIIINP QuartilesUrine PIIINP Continuous
(Per Doubling)
1 and 234
Range (μg/L)≤2.582.59–4.22>4.22
Person years at risk445721741975
Incidence rate (per 1000 person years)
Demographic adjusted,a HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)13.4 (4.12 to 43.36)50.9 (15.5 to 167.7)4.18 (3.05 to 5.73)
Plus eGFR and urine albumin,b HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)2.42 (0.61 to 9.60)3.22 (0.81 to 12.91)1.25 (0.82 to 1.90)
Plus CVD risk factors,c HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)2.36 (0.56 to 9.94)2.78 (0.57 to 13.59)1.16 (0.69 to 1.95)
  • a Adjusted for age, sex, race, education, urine creatinine, and clinic site.

  • b Adjusted for demographic variable plus baseline eGFR and urine albumin.

  • c Adjusted for demographic variables eGFR, urine albumin, plus smoking status, pack years, body mass index, diabetes, systolic blood pressure, blood pressure medication use, total cholesterol, lipid medication use, and C-reactive protein.