Table 4.

Questions for Nephrology Training Program self-assessment

1. Is the size of the fellowship program justified more by clinical service workload or by the educational opportunities provided by the program?
2. Does the fellowship support local, regional or national efforts to enhance nephrology workforce diversity and/or reduce health care disparities?
3. Does the fellowship serve local or regional needs for access to care, and/or participate in unique offerings such as Urban Service or Rural Service tracks with the parent specialty program or the school?
4. Are the physician investigator graduates of the program successful in obtaining independent research funding and do they sustain careers in investigation?
5. Are most graduating fellows from the program able to find jobs that are consistent with their career and personal objectives?
6. Does the program have adequate diversity and quantity of clinical experiences (including kidney transplantation, peritoneal and home hemodialysis, and opportunity for invasive and non-invasive procedures) to provide optimal training for all fellows?
7. Does the program have adequate institutional support and sufficient numbers of quality clinical and research faculty to provide optimal training for all fellows?
8. What percentage of the program matriculates in the last five years passed their Internal Medicine boards on the first attempt, and subsequently passed Nephrology boards on the first attempt?
9. Has your program filled all of its positions that were allocated in the Match for each of the last three years?