Table 1.

Proportion of lymphocyte subset and percentage of FasL+ cells in liver MNCs, splenocytes and thymocytes harvested from HIF-2α−/− mice and WT littermates

Proportion of lymphocyte subset (% means±SD)
 HIF-2α−/− liver MNCs5.8±1.3a21.8±4.2a15.7±4.3
 WT liver MNCs11.2±2.737.7±5.717.6±5.1
 HIF-2α−/− splenocytes1.1±0.3a31.2±4.8a8.9±2.5
 WT splenocytes1.9±0.445.9±6.87.9±2.6
 HIF-2α−/− thymocytes0.66±0.1113.6±3.4
 WT thymocytes0.65±0.1314.1±3.1
% FasL+ cells (means±SD)
 HIF-2α−/− liver MNCs26.6±10.9a4.6±1.33.3±1.2
 WT liver MNCs6.8±2.14.9±1.63.5±1.6
 HIF-2α−/− splenocytes22.8±8.6a0.26±0.110.89±0.24
 WT splenocytes4.5±1.40.21±0.120.88±0.32
 HIF-2α−/− thymocytes2.3±0.90.79±0.24
 WT thymocytes2.2±1.10.76±0.23
  • Values represent mean±SD of six mice of each group.

  • a P<0.05 by t test compared with the values of WT controls, respectively.