Table 2.

Incident albuminuria by race and APOL1 risk genotype

GroupNIncidence Rate per 1000 PYModel 1Model 2Model 3
Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Comparison within blacks
Low-risk black10907.8RefRefRef
High-risk black15215.62.46a (1.59–3.81)2.93a (1.86–4.62)2.88a (1.81–4.59)
Comparison between whites and blacks
Low-risk black10907.82.32a (1.73–3.13)1.33 (0.96–1.84)1.21 (0.86–1.71)
High-risk black15215.65.71a (3.64–8.94)3.89a (2.43–6.22)3.50a (2.14–5.71)
  • Multivariate analyses include young black and white adults with no albuminuria at baseline. Model 1 incorporated demographic variables (age, sex), global ancestry; model 2 incorporated demographic and pathophysiologic variables (smoking, BMI, systolic BP, use of antihypertensive medications and diabetes); and model 3 incorporated demographic, pathophysiologic and socioeconomic variables (participant income, participant education, caretaker education, employment status and access to care indicators). PY, person years.

  • a P values <0.05.