Table 3.

Hepcidin levels and changes from baseline

VariableHD, No Iron (n=22)HD and PD, Oral Iron (n=21)HD, IV Iron (n=9)
 OV (ng/ml)84.1±13.7107.4±27.185.6±24.4
4 wk
 OV (ng/ml)16.4±3.251.1±14.350.9±15.6
Δ (ng/ml)−67.7±12.0−56.3±19.2−34.7±12.6
 P value*<0.00010.00820.0252
12 wk (end of treatment)
 OV (ng/ml)20.7±6.959.2±14.273.0±25.9
Δ (ng/ml)−63.4±13.3−48.2±18.2−12.6±31.6
 P value*<0.00010.0156NS
End of study
 OV (ng/ml)46.0±6.6136.9±27.7183.4±45.2
Δ (ng/ml)−38.2±13.729.6±21.797.8±26.5
 P value*0.0112NS0.0061
  • Observed values (OV) and changes from baseline (Δ) of plasma hepcidin levels (in ng/ml) are presented as mean±SEM for the EE population. Missing values were imputed using the last-observation-carried-forward method. P values are from paired t test comparing absolute change from baseline. NS, not significant.