Table 3.

Predictive value of clinical risk scores for SCC development during study

VariableUnivariateWithout age component
HR (95% CI)P ValueHR (95% CI)P Value
Harden risk score1.41 (1.10 to 1.81)0.011.24 (0.78 to 1.97)0.36
Urwin risk score1.42 (1.10 to 1.83)0.011.29 (0.94 to 1.76)0.12
Harwood risk score1.56 (1.10 to 2.22)0.01NANA
  • Variables are expressed as a HR per unit increase in score, calculated by Cox modeling. The univariate analysis was then repeated using the risk score without the age component. It was not possible to do this for the Harwood score due to the nature of the score.

  • HR, hazard ratio; 9% CI, 95% confidence interval; NA, not applicable.