Table 1.

Baseline characteristics and data regarding common carotid artery, aortic dimensions, and arterial PWVs

VariableControls(n=73)ESRD(n=156)P Value
Age (yr)53±1.854±1.25NS
Sex (men/women)43/3088/48NS
Body surface area (m2)1.87±0.031.71±0.02<0.001
Body height (m)1.70±0.021.65±0.1<0.001
Brachial systolic BP (mmHg)145±2.6150±2.4NS
Brachial diastolic BP (mmHg)84±1.881±1.2NS
Brachial mean BP (mmHg)105±1.9104±1.4NS
Common carotid artery systolic BP (mmHg)135±1.8143±2.1<0.01
Common carotid artery pulse pressure (mmHg)51±2.262±2.0<0.001
Common carotid artery augmentation index (%)19±1.427±1.1<0.001
Common carotid artery augmented pressure (mmHg)11±1.218±1.1<0.001
Common carotid artery forward pressure (mmHg)39±1.244±1.10.01
Left ventricular ejection time (ms)309±3.0309±3.0NS
Diastolic time (ms)666±17585±10<0.001
Aortic PWV (m/s)9.6±0.211.1±0.2<0.001
Brachial PWV (m/s)11.0±0.211.4±0.20.03
Femoral PWV (m/s)10.9±0.211.3±0.10.03
Brachial/aortic stiffness gradient1.08±0.011.03±0.01<0.001
Femoral/aortic stiffness gradient1.07±0.011.03±0.01<0.01
Ascending aortic diameter (mm)a28.2±0.327.8±0.3NS
Aortic bifurcation diameter (mm)b16.4±0.217.7±0.3<0.001
Aortic taper (ascending aortic diameter/aortic bifurcation diameter)1.72±0.151.60±0.25<0.001
  • Values are means±SEMs.

  • a Ascending aortic diameter (millimeters per meter2): controls: 14.9±1.6 versus ESRD: 16.5±2.10 (P<0.001).

  • b Aortic bifurcation diameter (millimeters per meter2): controls: 8.8±1.4 versus ESRD: 10.5±1.6 (P<0.001).