Table 3.

Central hemodynamics and forearm circulation data

VariableControl SubjectsESRD PatientsP Value
 Left ventricular outflow tract area (cm2)1.91±0.031.78±0.03<0.001
 Left ventricular outflow velocity integral (cm)21.8±0.5526.8±0.53<0.001
 Heart period (ms)951±16.2890±11.3<0.001
 Stroke volume (ml)62.1±1.963.8±1.9NS
 Cardiac output (L/min)3.92±0.134.41±0.140.03
 Aortic peak flow velocity (cm/s)108±2.4129±2.4<0.001
 Aortic peak flow (ml/s)309±9.5305±8.5NS
 Characteristic impedance (dyne s per cm−5)178±6.7218±8.9<0.01
 Peripheral resistance (dyne s per cm−5)2289±652143±83NS
 Global reflection coefficient0.82±0.060.76±0.10<0.001
 Baseline forearm blood flow (ml/100 ml per min)3.6±0.254.0±0.17NS
 Post-ischemic maximal blood flow (% from baseline)816±58573±35<0.001
 Minimal forearm flow resistance (arbitrary units)4.0±0.244.9±0.270.01
 Forearm flow debt repayment (%)119±4.687±3.8<0.001
 Duration of vasodilation (s)127±4.897±4.2<0.001
  • Values are means±SEMs.