Table 3.

Multivariate Cox proportional hazard model for ESRD and patient death by mutation class

Clinical OutcomeβSEHR95% CIP Value
 Men versus women0.580.171.781.28 to 2.48<0.001
 PKD1 IF indel versus PKD1 truncating−1.040.480.350.14 to 0.910.03
 PKD1 NT versus PKD1 truncating−2.400.330.100.05 to 0.18<0.001
 PKD2 versus PKD1 truncating−3.600.360.030.01 to 0.05<0.001
 NMD versus PKD1 truncating−3.210.580.040.01 to 0.13<0.001
Patient death
 Men versus women0.300.201.350.92 to 1.990.13
 PKD1 IF indel versus PKD1 truncating−1.170.530.310.11 to 0.870.03
 PKD1 NT versus PKD1 truncating−1.590.310.200.11 to 0.38<0.001
 PKD2 versus PKD1 truncating−1.690.270.180.11 to 0.31<0.001
 NMD versus PKD1 truncating−1.970.570.140.05 to 0.42<0.001
  • With frailty model to account for random cluster effect within family.