Table 3.

BMD at baseline and month 12 with percentage changes of BMD calculated in the study groups

VariableSubtotal ParathyroidectomyCinacalcetP Value
BMD baseline, g/cm2
 Femoral neck0.819±0.1640.723±0.0890.12
 Lumbar spine0.993±0.2270.904±0.1060.25
 Distal 1/3 radius0.613±0.0970.661±0.1160.30
BMD month 12, g/cm2Article I.
 Femoral neck0.846±0.1490.700±0.0810.01
 Lumbar spine1.015±0.2130.896±0.1090.11
 Distal 1/3 radius0.630±0.0860.658±0.1140.52
Change at month 12, %
 Femoral neck+3.8±6.1−3.0±5.10.01
 Lumbar spine+2.7±7.8−0.9±4.70.21
 Distal 1/3 radius+3.3±6.6−0.4±2.60.10
  • Data is displayed as means±standard deviation.