Table 2.

Gene Ontology biologic process terms overrepresented in uEVs and whole urine of patients with ADPKD

Biologic ProcessGO NumbersaNo. of Proteins
Urinary extracellular vesicles
 Actin filament-based process0030029, 0030832, 0030036, 0008064, 003083360
 Lymphocyte-mediated immunity000244925
 Activation of plasma proteins involved in acute inflammatory response000254124
 Adaptive immune response0002250, 000246024
 Complement activation000695623
 Oxidation reduction005511481
 Positive regulation of hydrolase activity005134522
 Regulation of protein polymerization003227122
Whole urine
 Innate immune response0045087, 0006955, 0050778, 0002252107
 Programmed cell death0012501, 0016265, 000821948
 Response to extracellular stimulus0009991, 003166729
 Carbohydrate catabolic process001605228
  • P≤0.05 for all GO-terms as calculated by DAVID annotation tool.14 P≤0.05 is considered strongly enriched. GO, Gene Ontology.

  • a Several GO terms were combined if processes were similar and directly linked.