Table 1.

Comparison of clinical characteristics of patients who were SAb+/GAg+ and patients who were SAb−/GAg+

Clinical CharacteristicsSAb+/GAg+SAb−/GAg+P Value
Patient no., n387127
Age, yr46 (30–57)42 (30–52)0.09
Men, %61.868.50.20
Proteinuria, g/24 h4.0 (2.4–6.2)2.4 (1.6–3.9)<0.001
Serum albumin, g/L27.8 (24.4–31.6)32.4 (29.3–35.3)<0.001
Cholesterolemia, mmol/L8.0 (6.7–9.8)7.6 (6.5–9.1)0.10
eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2105(88–118)110 (100–122)0.002
IgG4 predominant deposition, %97.7 (95.3–98.9)98.4 (93.8–99.7)0.70
  • Variables expressed as medians and interquartile ranges are compared using the Mann–Whitney test. Categorical variables are expressed in percentages and compared using Fisher exact test.