Table 3.

Correlations of total APOL1 plasma levels with clinical characteristics and plasma lipoprotein and cytokine levels of DHS black participants

CharacteristicNo. subjectsSpearman rhoP ValuePartial rP Value
Fasting glucose (mg/dl)14900.070.0010.070.02
HOMA-IR (U)14600.14<0.0010.080.003
Systolic BP (mmHg)17860.
Diastolic BP (mmHg)17860.08<0.0010.080.003
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)17880.18<0.0010.16<0.001
LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)17870.13<0.0010.10<0.001
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)17880.
Triglycerides (mg/dl)17880.14<0.0010.14<0.001
Total lipoprotein HDL particles (nmol/L)17120.22<0.0010.21<0.001
Lipoprotein large HDL (nmol/L)1712−0.040.09−0.050.09
Lipoprotein medium HDL (nmol/L)17120.09<0.0010.090.001
Lipoprotein small HDL (nmol/L)17120.17<0.0010.18<0.001
HDL lipoprotein particle size (nm)1712−0.11<0.001−0.12<0.001
Plasma APOA1 (μM)17410.35<0.0010.39<0.001
CRP (mg/L)17820.14<0.0010.10<0.001
IL-6 (pg/ml)16640.070.0040.050.04
IL-18 (mg/L)11880.
IL1AP (ng/ml)16630.
TNFR1A (ng/ml)1660−0.020.49−0.020.37
CXCL10 (ng/ml)16600.
CD40 ligand (ng/ml)1495−0.050.06−0.050.09
  • Correlation coefficients were calculated for all black participants with available clinical phenotypes, lipid and cytokine data, and plasma APOL1 measurements. Partial Pearson correlation coefficient (r) was determined from linear regression models, adjusted for age, gender, BMI, and the number of APOL1 risk alleles, with plasma APOL1 levels as a predictor and each characteristic as the outcome. HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance; CRP, C-reactive protein; CXCL, C-X-C motif ligand; CD40, cluster of differentiation 40.