Table 3.

SAb and GAg presence in patients who had entered remission, patients who had not entered remission, and patients who relapsed between the first and second renal biopsies

Group        SAb+        GAg+
FirstSecondP ValueaFirstSecondP Valuea
No remission, n=2190.5% (19/21)81% (17/21)0.50100% (21/21)100% (21/21)NA
Relapse, n=1181.8% (9/11)63.6% (7/11)0.5090.9% (10/11)90.9% (10/11)NA
Remission, n=2040% (8/20)10% (2/20)0.0770% (14/20)55% (11/20)0.25
P valueb0.001<0.001<0.01<0.001
  • Positive rates are expressed in percentages and compared using the Fisher exact test. NA, not available.

  • a Comparison between the first and second biopsies.

  • b Comparison between patients who had not achieved remission and patients who had achieved remission.