Table 1.

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of the study cohort (n=602)

Baseline FactorN (%) or Median (15th to 85th Percentiles)
Age, yr56.4 (40.8–68.5)
Women180 (30)
Blacka264 (44)
On hemodialysis383 (64)
Diabetes353 (59)
Peripheral artery disease91 (15)
Coronary artery disease156 (26)
Upper arm fistula459 (76)
Body mass index, kg/m229.3 (22.8–38.2)
Vascular calcificationb265 (44)
  • a Self-reported race was missing for eight subjects, all with upper arm AVFs.

  • b Vascular calcification (on preoperative ultrasound) score ≥1 on a 0–2 scale.