Table 1.

Characteristics of 6538 incident hemodialysis patients who have urine collection data at both baseline and 1 year after initiation of dialysis stratified by annual change in renal CLurea

VariableTotal, n=6538Annual Change in Renal CLureaPtrend Value
<−3 ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=1134; 17%−3 to <−1.5 ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=1444; 22%−1.5 to <0 ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=2073; 32%≥0 ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=1887; 29%
Renal CLurea, ml/min per 1.73 m23.4 (IQR, 2.1–5.1)6.2 (IQR, 5.2–7.9)3.9 (IQR, 3.0–5.0)2.6 (IQR, 1.7–3.8)2.4 (IQR, 1.3–3.7)<0.001
Urine volume, ml/d900 (IQR, 550–1400)1478 (IQR, 1100–1900)1075 (IQR, 750–1450)750 (IQR, 500–1200)650 (IQR, 400–1050)<0.001
Age, yr62±1461±1462±1462±1563±140.001
Men, %6574666261<0.001
Race, %
 Non-Hispanic white56575553580.46
 Non-Hispanic black25232526250.13
 Hispanic and others1920202116<0.01
Primary insurance, %
Access, %
 Central venous catheter68686468720.001
 AV fistula/graft2727302723<0.001
Comorbidities, %
 Congestive heart failure4752484743<0.001
 Atherosclerotic heart disease16171615170.98
 Other cardiovascular disease18191718180.82
Body mass index, kg/m227.7 (IQR, 24.0–32.8)27.8 (IQR, 24.4–32.8)27.8 (IQR, 23.8–32.6)27.4 (IQR, 23.9–32.4)27.7 (IQR, 24.2–33.2)0.98
Ultrafiltration rate, L/h0.58±0.240.60±0.240.59±0.250.59±0.230.56±0.23<0.001
nPCR, g/kg per d1.0±0.31.11±0.291.05±0.280.99±0.270.95±0.27<0.001
Laboratory variables
 Hemoglobin, g/dl11.5±1.011.6±1.011.6±1.011.5±1.011.5±1.10.02
 Albumin, mg/dl3.64±0.423.59±0.443.62±0.433.65±0.403.67±0.41<0.001
 Creatinine, mg/dl6.0±2.25.2±1.86.0±2.16.4±2.46.0±2.2<0.001
 Calcium, mg/dl9.1±0.59.1±0.59.1±0.59.1±0.59.1±0.5<0.01
 Phosphorus, mg/dl)5.1±1.14.9±1.05.1±1.15.2±1.15.0±1.00.08
 Intact PTH, pg/ml313 (IQR, 207–461)292 (IQR, 195–420)326 (IQR, 208–485)328 (IQR, 218–482)303 (IQR, 201–441)0.31
 Iron saturation, %23±822±723±722±823±80.80
 Ferritin, pg/nl243 (IQR, 140–403)219 (IQR, 136–364)230 (IQR, 132–380)249 (IQR, 141–401)258 (IQR, 148–437)<0.001
 Bicarbonate, mmol/L23.2±2.523.1±2.523.1±2.523.1±2.523.4±2.50.003
  • All repeated measures from each patient during the first patient-quarter (the first 91 days of dialysis) were averaged, and the quarterly means are presented. Values are expressed as means±SDs, medians (IQRs), or percentages as appropriate. Conversion factors for units: albumin and hemoglobin in grams per deciliter to grams per liter, 10; creatinine in milligrams per deciliter to millimoles per liter, 88.4; calcium in milligrams per deciliter to millimoles per liter, 0.2495; and phosphorus in milligrams per deciliter to millimoles per liter, 0.3229. No conversion is necessary for ferritin in nanograms per milliliter and milligrams per liter. AV, arteriovenous.