Table 3.

Association of 6-week AVF flow rate with preoperative predictor VFT variables controlled for AVF location, preoperative ultrasound features, and baseline demographics

Predictor VariableDifference in Blood Flow, %95% CIP Value
Brachial FMD per 10% increase11.60.6 to 23.90.04
Brachial NMD per 10% increase14.03.7 to 25.3<0.01
Carotid-femoral PWV per 4-m/s increase−5.2−12.2 to 2.50.18
Carotid-radial PWV per 4-m/s increase11.2−2.0 to 26.10.10
VOP per 1% increase in CAP slope1.2−12.2 to 16.60.87
  • Preoperative ultrasound features were preoperative inflow artery diameter, minimum vein diameter, and brachial artery flow. Baseline demographics were age, sex, race, and dialysis status. None of the summarized relationships exhibited statistically significant departures from linearity (P>0.05 for evaluation of nonlinearity using cubic spline models). Multiple imputation was used to impute missing vascular function and ultrasound measurements.