Table 3.

Top glomerulopathies by clinical syndromes and age groups

Clinical SyndromeNTop 1Top 2Top 3
0–14 yr
 NS1598MCD (45.6)IgAN (14.0)FSGS (10.1)
 NS+AKI68MCD (39.7)Lupus GN (17.6)EnPGN (11.8)
 AKI46EnPGN (30.4)Lupus GN (28.3)IgAN (8.7)
 Progressive CKD80IgAN (20.0)FSGS (18.8)Lupus GN (15.0)
 Proteinuria1689Purpura GN (35.9)IgAN (20.7)Lupus GN (9.9)
 Isolated hematuria650TBMN (57.4)IgAN (17.2)Purpura GN (8.8)
15–39 yr
 NS14,891MCD (40.7)MN (22.0)IgAN (13.0)
 NS+AKI1035MCD (40.7)Lupus GN (26.7)IgAN (10.1)
 AKI572Lupus GN (32.2)IgAN (22.6)MHPT (12.8)
 Progressive CKD2807IgAN (64.3)FSGS (8.3)Lupus GN (6.8)
 Proteinuria14,729IgAN (55.0)Lupus GN (11.4)MN (7.1)
 Isolated hematuria1275IgAN (50.1)TBMN (35.8)Purpura GN (4.0)
40–64 yr
 NS13,309MN (50.4)MCD (19.7)IgAN (7.4)
 NS+AKI908MCD (46.4)Lupus GN (14.4)FSGS (9.1)
 AKI557AASV (22.6)Lupus GN (18.9)IgAN (12.7)
 Progressive CKD3151IgAN (51.1)FSGS (10.1)DN (6.0)
 Proteinuria8907IgAN (37.3)MN (20.9)MsPGN (9.5)
 Isolated hematuria737TBMN (55.8)IgAN (27.0)Lupus GN (3.3)
65–99 yr
 NS2276MN (58.0)MCD (15.2)Amyloidosis (6.1)
 NS+AKI210MCD (45.7)MN (14.8)FSGS (12.9)
 AKI131AASV (35.1)CreGN (19.1)Anti-GBM (6.9)
 Progressive CKD392IgAN (23.2)FSGS (12.8)MN (11.5)
 Proteinuria579MN (39.0)IgAN (13.8)MsPGN (8.6)
 Isolated hematuria29TBMN (44.8)IgAN (31.0)AASV (10.3)
  • The bracketed numbers indicate percentage within age and clinical syndrome strata. NS, nephrotic syndrome; lupus GN, lupus nephritis; EnPGN, endocapillary proliferative GN; purpura GN, Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis; TBMN, thin basement membrane nephropathy; MHPT, malignant hypertension; AASV, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody associated systemic vasculitis; DN, diabetic nephropathy; MsPGN, mesangial proliferative GN; CreGN, crescentic GN; Anti-GBM, anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody disease.