Table 2.

Clinical characteristics as predictors of nephron number per kidney, nephron size, and cortical volume of both kidneys adjusted for each other characteristic in multivariable linear regression models

VariableNephron No.Nephron SizeCortical Volume, mm3
Profile Tubular Area μm2NSG Volume μm3
EstimateP ValueEstimateP ValueEstimateP ValueEstimateP Value
Age per 10 yr−45,885<0.00191.90.02−20,0830.45−17180.03
BMI per SD−99380.35253.1<0.001240,487<0.00116,670<0.001
Height per SD42,407<0.0182.90.15105,7590.0115,222<0.001
Mild hypertension−33,1650.32152.30.2697,3540.27−18010.49
Family history of ESRD−56,175<0.01269.0<0.01190,839<0.00116760.29
Uric acid per SD−30,4980.02−93.10.0747,1960.16−16980.09
Measured GFR per SD58,164<0.00158.20.2119,5650.5115,397<0.001
24-h urine albumin per SD65430.52142.30.0170,546<0.014621<0.001
  • SDs: 4.9 kg/m2 for BMI, 9.6 cm for height, 1.4 mg/dl for uric acid, 19.9 ml/min per 1.73 m2 for measured GFR, and 8.4 mg for 24-hour urine albumin.