Table 3.

Clinical characteristics of THSD7A-Ab–positive patients with MN and malignancy

PatientSex, Age, yrTumorTumor TreatmentSpecific Treatment of MNTime of Diagnosis of TumorAt the Time of MN DiagnosisEnd PointFollow-Up Time, mo
ProtS-Crea, mg/dlTHSD7A-Ab Level
1W, 39Gall bladder carcinomaPalliative surgery and chemotherapyNo1 mo after MN4.0 g/g creatinine0.51:100S-Crea: 0.7 mg/dl; Prot: 0.2 g/g creatinine; THSD7A-Ab: neg15
2M, 43Gastrointestinal stroma tumorSurgery, curativeCsA and Pred3 mo after MN10.7 g/d1.01:1000S-Crea: 1.4 mg/dl; Prot: 1.8 g/d; THSD7A-Ab: 1:32045
3W, 76Gynecologic tumor, not further specifiedPalliativenananana1:1000nana
4M, 65Prostate carcinomaPalliativeCsA, CYC, and Pred19 mo after MN diagnosis8.2 g/d0.81:1000Patient deceased because of the tumor20
5M, 53MALT lymphomaSurgery, radiationNoRelapse at the time of MN diagnosis; first diagnosis of lymphoma 2 yr earlier4.0 g/g creatinine1.11:3200S-Crea: 1.1 mg/dl; Prot: na; THSD7A-Ab: neg14
6M, 74Colon carcinomaEndoscopy, curativeCYC and Pred4 mo after MN diagnosis10.9 g/g creatinine3.01:1000S-Crea: 2.5 mg/dl; Prot: 0.1 g/g creatinine; THSD7A-Ab: neg24
7W, 77Endometrium carcinomaSurgery, curativeNoRelapse at the time of MN diagnosis; first diagnosis of carcinoma 17 yr earlier4.6 g/d0.8THSD7A-Ab: neg; enhanced glomerular THSD7A stainingS-Crea: 0.9 mg/dl; Prot: 1.8 g/d; THSD7A-Ab: neg9
8M, 77Prostate carcinomaAndrogen deprivation therapy; palliative radiation therapyNo22 mo before MN diagnosis7.0 g/g creatinine; 11.7 g/d1.471:100Patient deceased because of the tumor38
  • Prot, proteinuria; S-Crea, serum creatinine; W, woman; neg, negative; M, man; CsA, cyclosporin A; Pred, prednisone; na, not applicable; CYC, cyclophosphamide; MALT, mucosa associated lymphoid tissue.