Table 1.

Baseline and follow-up characteristics (n=3096)

At renal biopsyValues at renal biopsy
 Cohorts: Oxford, the VALIGA Study, Japan, China, na234, 1145, 700, 1017
 Women, %42
 Ethnicity: white, Asian, other, %41, 58, 1
 Age, yr35±14
 eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m278±29
 MAP, mmHg97±15
 Proteinuria, g/d1.2 (0.7–2.3)
Pathology findings% of total biopsies
 T0, T1, T275, 20, 5
 Crescents (cellular or fibrocellular)36
Follow-up parametersValues during follow-up
 Length of follow-up, yr4.7 (2.9–7.0)
 Any immunosuppression, %37
 RASB, %74
 MAP, mmHgb95±10
 Proteinuria, g/db0.8 (0.4–1.4)
 Rate of renal function decline, ml/min per 1.73 m2 per yr−1.9±6.3
 ESRD, %11
 Combined event, %13
  • Values are expressed as means±SD, medians (interquartile ranges), or percentages.

  • a Excluding 44 individuals with no information on crescents or immunosuppressive therapy during follow-up.

  • b Time averaged.