Table 3.

Conventional determinants of time to kidney allograft loss at the time of transplantation: univariate analysis and multivariate day 0 reference model

VariablesNo. of PatientsNo. of EventsHR95% CIP Value
Univariate analysis
 Recipient characteristics
  Age per 1-yr increment851860.990.98 to 1.010.46
   Men512510.950.62 to 1.460.80
   Yes143201.600.97 to 2.640.07
  Time since dialysis per 1-yr increment733811.020.97 to 1.060.46
  Diabetes mellitus
   Yes123141.200.67 to 2.120.54
  Body mass index per 1-kg/m2 increment803801.000.95 to 1.05>0.99
 Donor characteristics
  Age per 1-yr increment851861.021.00 to 1.030.02
   Men477470.940.62 to 1.440.78
   Deceased695782.291.10 to 4.730.03
  Diabetes mellitus
   Yes4751.170.47 to 2.890.74
   Yes214281.520.97 to 2.400.07
  Body mass index per 1-kg/m2 increment835841.000.99 to 1.010.88
  Terminal SCr per 1-μmol/L increment851861.001.00 to 1.010.01
 Transplant characteristics
  Cold ischemia time per 1-h increment851861.041.02 to 1.06<0.001
  PRA per 10% increment851861.111.04 to 1.200.004
  Calculated PRA per 10% increment851861.081.02 to 1.15<0.01
  HLA-A/-B/-DR mismatch (continuous)851860.900.79 to 1.040.16
  Anti-HLA DSA
   Yes110212.471.51 to 4.05<0.001
Multivariate day 0 reference model
 Donor age per 1-yr increment851861.021.00 to 1.030.03
 Cold ischemia time per 1-h increment851861.031.01 to 1.050.01
 Donor terminal SCr per 1-μmol/L increment851861.0031.00 to 1.010.01
  Yes110212.321.40 to 3.840.001
  • —, not applicable; SCr, serum creatinine; PRA, panel reactive antibody.