Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the vascular access groups in the study population at hemodialysis initiation

CharacteristicsaAVF Access Group,bn=9794AVF-CVC Access Group,bn=8230CVC Access Group,bn=90,517P Value
Age at onset of ESRD, yr76.2 (6.0)76.2 (6.03)77.1 (6.5)<0.001
Age categories, yr, %<0.001
 67–79 (n=74,997)697064
 80–89 (n=37,149)292933
 >90 (n=3279)113
Race, %
 Native American1110.17
Sex, %<0.001
Body mass index, kg/m227.6 (6.3)28.1 (6.6)27.1 (6.8)<0.001
Body mass index categories, kg/m2, %<0.001
 Underweight, <18.5447
 Normal, 18.5–24.9343137
 Overweight, 25–29.9353330
 Obese, ≥30283227
Serum creatinine, mg/dl5.6 (2.0)5.5 (2.1)5.5 (2.7)0.004
Hemoglobin, g/dl10.7 (1.5)10.4 (1.5)10.1 (1.6)<0.001
Albumin, g/dl3.5 (0.6)3.3 (0.6)3.0 (0.7)<0.001
GFR, ml/min per 1.73 m211.2 (4.1)11.2 (4.3)11.7 (5.3)<0.001
Comorbidity index7.5 (1.4)7.7 (1.4)7.8 (1.4)<0.001
Individual comorbidities, %
 Diabetic end organ disease424940<0.001
 Cerebrovascular disease111213<0.001
 Coronary artery disease313230<0.001
 Congestive heart failure324046<0.001
 Peripheral vascular disease1819180.07
Duration of pre–ESRD nephrology care, mo, %<0.001
 No care3938
 Missing data4915
Primary cause of ESRD, %<0.001
 Cystic disease321
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • a Continuous variables are expressed as means±SD, and categorical variables are expressed as percentages of total.

  • b The AVF access group consists of those patients with an AVF placed first but initiating hemodialysis with the AVF. The AVF-CVC access group had an AVF placed first but initiated hemodialysis with a catheter. The CVC access group had a catheter placed first and initiated hemodialysis with the catheter.