Table 2.

Differences in baseline characteristics (time of biopsy) between patients with crescents given immunosuppression (n=481) or not given immunosuppression (n=637)

ImmunosuppressionP Value
Baseline parameter
 Women, %51500.78
 Age, yr34±1233±140.19
 eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m282±2876±29<0.001
 MAP, mmHg95±1596±140.53
 Proteinuria, g/d1.1 (0.6–2.0)2.1 (1.1–3.7)<0.001
Pathology, %
 Crescents, % of glomeruli7 (4–11)10 (6–18)<0.001
  • Results are presented as means±SD or medians (interquartile ranges).

  • a T score defined by T1 or T2 in reference to T0.