Table 2.

Association of YKL-40 tertiles with risk of donor AKI

Tertile (Range [ng/ml])NRate of AKI (%)RR (95% CI) for AKI
T1 (<0.61)n1=46014 (3)1.0 (referent)1.0 (referent)
T2 (0.61–3.31)n2=44319 (4)1.41 (0.72 to 2.78)1.51 (0.76 to 2.99)
T3 (3.33–432.78)n3=39878 (20)6.44 (3.70 to 11.19)6.84 (3.89 to 12.02)
  • Donor AKI was defined as at least a doubling of serum creatinine from admission to the terminal value.

  • a Donor variables used for adjustment: age (years), height (cm), weight (kg), black race, history of hypertension, history of diabetes, stroke as cause of death, and donation after circulatory determination of death status.